Jamaica Plain Sanctuary

Winner of the 2023 GOLD Prism Award for Universal Design, this 750 square foot, single story, master suite addition was expertly designed by Katie Faulkner of WestWork. Married with the 20th century Dutch Colonial house, the addition is designed and built to passive solar standard, includes double wall framing, super-insulation, cold climate heat pump and triple glazed fenestration. The new sleek, modern structure is connected to the existing house by a glass link with a live roof. Each feature was considered for its aesthetic appeal as well as its seamless accessibility and durability. From the driveway there is a hardscape path through the backyard to a gently sloping bluestone ramp that leads to wooden ramp. The ramp decking is installed longitudinally for ease of snow removal. The link roof projects out over the exterior door to provide weather protection at the entry. There is a flush drain at this portico for waterproofness at the flat access. The wall hung toilet allows for an imperceptible floor slope, below it, to an area drain. There is a flat access roll-in shower organized so that there is no need for a shower door. The hand held shower is located such that it is easily reached while seated on the integrated stone bench. We installed a fan-forced electric wall heater for body temperature modulation. Robust infrastructure, sustainability and well thought out accessibility without sacrificing sophisticated design.


Design: WestWork
Photography: Michelle Carey