Mich has been with Payne|Bouchier since 2002. They joined us after graduating from MassArt with a BFA in Industrial Design. With a love of functional design, they shifted their focus from product design to architectural design by joining our team. Being a team player, they find inspiration working with architects and designers on our projects. Their ingenuity and outside-the-square thinking brings creativity to all projects they’re a part of.  Additionally, Mich holds an Associate’s Degree in Graphic Design and oversees the design of our advertising, print and social media. Mich is a surrealist artist, who has shown their work locally and is a furniture designer, working primarily with upcycled and reclaimed materials.  They spends their spare time creating art, playing sports with their kid, doing CrossFit and hiking. They reside in Roslindale with their partner, kid and pets, dogs Stella and Josie and cat Peter.